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The Melanoma Molecular Map Project (MMMP) is an open access, interactive web-based multidatabase dedicated to the research on melanoma biology and therapy.
The aim of this non-profit project is to create an organized and continuously updated databank collecting the huge and ever growing amount of scientific knowledge on melanoma currently scattered in thousands of articles published in hundreds of Journals.
This objective is pursued by comprehensively collecting and rationally integrating the published data regarding not only the clinical results thus far achieved but also the molecular derangements that make melanoma such a deadly and therapy refractory cancer. Of particular interest are the translational aspects of melanoma research, i.e. the molecular features that might be exploited for the development of molecularly targeted therapies (see Molecularly targeted therapy section in Melanoma: an introduction).
In the light of the common pathways characterizing many different types of cancer, interesting findings yielded from experiments or clinical studies on tumors other than melanoma can also be of help to foster melanoma research, and thus will be considered for publication in the MMMP website.
Ultimately, the information provided by the MMMP might allow investigators to formulate new mechanistic/therapeutic hypotheses and thus might further stimulate basic, translational and clinical research.
The spirit of the MMMP is that of sharing scientific knowledge on melanoma to make the most of current research and speed up the discovery pace of novel therapeutic strategies. Accordingly, the MMMP mostly relies on the support from individual researchers who submit their scientific contribution either spontaneously or following formal invitation.


The MMMP website includes one discoursive overview on melanoma, one section dedicated to the news and six interconnected databases.
The Authors can either create completely new files (on topics never described before in the MMMP website) or update/modify already existing files, as described in detail in the Authors' guide.
The MMMP Scientific Advisory Board will review every contribution to ensure the scientific correctness of its content. Authors' contributions will be published in the MMMP website only after approval by the Scientific Advisory Board.

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