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Title: List of survivin targeting therapeutics
Legend: Survivin belongs to the inhibitor of apoptosis protein (IAP) family. It is a bifunctional protein that acts as a suppressor of apoptosis and plays a central role in cell division (mitotic checkpoint control). It is overexpressed in several tumor types, including melanoma [1]. As such, it is considered an ideal cancer target, which has led to the development of different therapeutic approaches, some of which have reached the clinical phase of investigation [2,3]. The list shows some examples of survivin targeting therapeutics: HSP90 inhibitors, Oxaliplatin (Eloxatin (R)), LY2181308, Survivin ribozyme, Survivin RNA interference, Survivin vaccine, TAT-Surv-T34A, YM155. REFERENCES: [1] Ding Y et al, Cancer 2006, 106:1123-9. [2] Pennati M et al, Carcinogenesis 2007, 28:1133-9. [3] Altieri DC, Nat Rev Cancer 2008, 8:61-70.
Author: The MMMP Team (updated: Feb 2008)

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