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The IPD is a multicenter database, which gathers anonymized information about clinical and histopathological features as well as availability of biological material regarding patients with cutaneous melanoma enrolled by centers that participate in this project.
A systematic collection of the scientific knowledge regarding the development of targeted therapy for melanoma. Since data are gathered in a computationally compatible fashion, the database can be utilized for the identification of prevalent therapeutic hypotheses based on the available evidence and for ranking treatments based on the patient's molecular profile (drug ranking system).
Inspired to the principles of functional interactomics, this is a collection of schematic figures depicting the molecular pathways involved in cancer development and progression, with particular regard to melanoma. A close-to-hand visual guide to navigate in the ever-growing complexity of cancer molecular biology.

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Melanoma News

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Breslow thickness and 18F-FDG PET-CT result in initial staging of cutaneous melanoma: Can a cut-off point be established?
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Genetic Variants in the Vitamin D Pathway Genes VDBP and RXRA Modulate Cutaneous Melanoma Disease-Specific Survival.
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Surgical excision margins in primary cutaneous melanoma: A meta-analysis and Bayesian probability evaluation.
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An analysis of the clinical trial landscape for cutaneous melanoma.
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